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Minecraft 1.17 Arriving

Written by RentaServer Staff

October 22, 2020~1 min read

Minecraft 1.17 Arriving

After the release of Minecraft Nether, there has already been word of a Minecraft 1.17 update coming in mid-2021.

Minecraft 1.17 is expected to be an upgrade to the Minecraft caves system and will drastically change the game play dynamics surrounding them. Our plans are to support Minecraft 1.17 as soon as it is made available by Mojang. We are in epic preparation of its imminent arrival.

Our recent upgrade to support Minecraft Spigot, Minecraft Forge, Minecraft Sponge, Minecraft Waterfall, and Minecraft Velocity, has laid the groundwork necessary for an exciting Minecraft 1.17 season. Our most recent upgrade has helped pave the road for our plans to create an active community dedicated to Minecraft's modding and plugin community. Our goals are to to help solve some of the fundamental fragmentation issues that have plagued Minecraft and to help revitalize the game in preparation for upcoming releases and upgrades to it.

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