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Minecraft Instance Types

Written by RentaServer Staff

September 17, 2020~2 min read

Minecraft Instance Types

We have recently upgraded our backend systems to support Minecraft Spigot, Minecraft Forge, Minecraft Sponge, Minecraft SpongeForge, Minecraft Waterfall, and Minecraft Velocity. With the additions of these new Minecraft Types we have laid the foundation for our upcoming and long anticipated introduction of our plugin and mod manager.

Our plans for the plugin and mod manager are for it to be highly extensible and easy to use. It was built to cater towards the Minecraft community but will also be available for use with any of our future products. We hope our plugin and mod manager will alter the experience users and players have with our platform and make it a much smoother, easier, and more fun experience.

At present we are working hard to make the manager simple for anyone to add mods, modpacks, or plugin to their server instance. All that will be needed is a simple selection of the preferred Minecraft Type and to select the mods, plugins, and packs you would like to add to that server.

We plan on including functionality to allow Minecraft developers the ability to take advantage of the ease of use and standardization offered by our platform. Developers will soon be able to upload their own mods, modpacks, or plugins for the greater community to appreciate. Our hopes are to develop an active community around our platform while we continue to add tools and features that will help support the community.

With that in mind, we have made it so developers and other interested parties are free to self-host a service in order to enjoy our platform without any purchase required.

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