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Minecraft Nether Update

Written by RentaServer Staff

July 24, 2020~2 min read

Minecraft Nether Update

The Minecraft Nether update is finally officially out and available in Minecraft 1.16! Host a Minecraft Netherworld with us on either Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft Bedrock Edition by clicking here.

Creating a Minecraft server with the Nether update with us is as simple as selecting v1.16 for Minecraft Version in the Build Service or Build Instance` wizard.

In Minecraft 1.16, a few changes have been introduced. A new block, a new lantern, and of course the new updates to the Netherworld.

The new lantern, the Soul Lantern, emits a light level of 10 instead of 15 and is perfect for those that decide to live in the freezing snow biome. By having a light level lower than 15, the snow around the lantern will not melt but will be enough to keep mobs from spawning.

The target block, a block perfect for archery practice or archery competition has been added as well in this update. Hitting the target block will emit some redstone ticks which can be observed by the Observer block. How many ticks are emitted depends on how close to the center the target was hit.

Five new Netherworld biomes have been added including the original Nether Wastes. These new biomes are called the Soulsand Valleys, Warped Forests, Basalt Deltas, and the Crimson Forest. Three new Netherworld mobs have also been added. The Striders, Hoglins, and Piglins.

For more details on the Minecraft Nether update, see Mojang's developer notes on the update.

We look forward to seeing you survive the new Minecraft dimension!

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