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  • Minecraft Nether Update

    Written by RentaServer Staff

    July 24, 2020~2 min read

    The Minecraft Nether update is finally officially out and available in Minecraft 1.16! Host a Minecraft netherworld with us on either Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft Bedrock Edition by clicking here

  • Native JavaScript

    Written by RentaServer Staff

    July 21, 2020~4 min read

    In the past, browser capabilities were lacking and often times not uniform or standard. JQuery a bulky library, was essential for web development and creating fluid website experiences. However, as web technologies continued to progress and conventions continued to be adopted, browsers have created a more robust standard for capabilities. Today, native browser functionality can easily offer the same experience as JQuery but with better performance…

  • New Locations Available!

    Written by RentaServer Staff

    July 14, 2020~1 min read

    We have new datacenter locations available! We are happy to announce that we are now capable of hosting high speed low latency services in the following regions…

  • New Upgrades!

    Written by RentaServer Staff

    July 4, 2020~2 min read

    Our frontend, backend, and just about everything else on our platform has been upgraded! We are now running on a new backend and are very excited to see it in action…

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