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Getting Started

Last Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Step One - Signing Up

Build a free trial service by clicking here. A credit card is not required to try out our services. Only a valid e-mail address is required.

After signing up, confirm your e-mail by opening the confirmation link sent to your e-mail's inbox.

Image of Login

If the verification e-mail can not be found after registering, check your spam folder. If another confirmation e-mail is required, log in to your control panel and click the notification to resend the confirmation e-mail.

Step Two - Build a Service

Select Build Service from the left side menu of your control panel.

Image of Building a Service

Select your Default Instance, the Service Type you want to host it on, and the Datacenter Region. A client located closer to the datacenter will usually find better performance.

Visit our pricing page to see the difference between each available service.

Service Types

RentaServer Host Service

These services are provided by us as a company and are best suited to interface with our platform.

Trial Host Service

A Trial Host Service is a free Friendly Host Service available for use for four hours to try out our services. If you enjoyed our product, you may upgrade it later to retain your data.

Self-Hosted Service

The Self-Hosted Host Service is for those who wish to access our platform but have their own dedicated server or host with an alternative server provider.

Instance Types

There are three Instance Types currently available to be built into a Service. Details of their differences and capabilities can be found in the pages below.

Services can have multiple Instances. However, your Service will still be restricted by the amount of resources it has available to it.

Step Three - Manage Service

Once the Service has finished building, the page will be automatically redirect to its dashboard.

From here, the Service can be managed or more Instances can be created. For managing files on the Service, use the File Manager. If you prefer using a SSH/SFTP Client, click on the Access menu.

Image of Managing a Service

Service Features

Adding Instances

Add additional Instances by opening the Instances menu.

Image of Adding an Instance

Manage Instances

After being built, Instances can be further configured by configuring their startup process through the Console tab. Mods and/or plugins can be added through the Customizations tab.

Image of Managing an Instance

Make Us Your Service Provider!

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