Rust Game Server Documentation

Last Updated: 7/27/2019
Rust Game Server Documentation

This page contains some commonly known command line parameters, configuration properties, modding tips, and general information. Command line parameters will usually override configuration file properties for most games.

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Command Line Parameters
PropertyDescriptionDefault Value
-logfileRelative config file pathserverconfig.xml
-configfileRelative log file pathserverslogs.log
Configuration Properties (serverconfig.cfg)
CommandDescriptionDefault Value
ServerPortPort you want the server to listen on26900
ServerIsPublicShould this server register to master servertrue
ServerNameWhatever you want the name to beMy Game Host
GameNameWhatever you want for a newly seeded map.My Game
ServerPasswordPassword to gain entry to the serverGAMESERVER_PASSWORD
ServerMaxPlayerCountMaximum concurrent players8
ServerDescriptionWhatever you want the description to beA 7 Days to Die server
ServerWebsiteURLWebsite URL for the server
GameWorldNavezgane, Random GenNavezgane
GameDifficulty0-5, 0=easiest, 5=hardest2
GameModeGameModeSurvivalMP, GameModeSurvivalSP (MP has land protection)GameModeSurvivalMP
ZombiesRun0 = default day/night walk/run, 1 = never run, 2 = always run0
BuildCreateCheat mode on/offfalse
DayNightLengthReal time minutes per in game day: 50 minutes50
DayLightLengthIn game hours the sun shines per days: 18 hours day light per day18
FriendlyFireCan friendly players damage each other (PvP)false
PersistentPlayerProfilesIf disabled a player can join with any selected profile.If true they will join with the last profile they joined with
PlayerSafeZoneLevelIf a player is less or equal this level he/she will createa safe zone (no enemies) when spawned
PlayerSafeZoneHoursHours in world time this safe zone exists5
ControlPanelEnabledEnable/Disable the control panelfalse
ControlPanelPortPort of the control panel webpage8080
ControlPanelPasswordPassword to gain entry to the control panelCHANGEME
TelnetEnabledEnable/Disable the telnettrue
TelnetPortPort of the telnet server8081
TelnetPasswordPassword to gain entry to telnet interfaceCHANGEME
AdminFileNameServer admin file nameserveradmin.xml
DropOnDeath0 = everything, 1 = toolbelt only, 2 = backpack only, 3 = delete all0
DropOnQuit0 = nothing, 1 = everything, 2 = toolbelt only, 3 = backpack only0
EnemySenseMemoryTime, in seconds, that a zombie will pursue something that has been sensed.60
EnemySpawnMode0 = Disabled 0%, 1 = Very Low 50%, 2 = Low 75%, 3 = Medium 100%,4 = High 125%, 5 = Very High 150%
EnemyDifficulty0 = Normal, 1 = Feral0
BlockDurabilityModifierPercentage in whole numbers100
LootAbundancePercentage in whole numbers100
LootRespawnDaysDays in whole numbers30
LandClaimSizeSize in blocks that is protected by a keystone7
LandClaimDeadZoneKeystones must be this many blocks apart(unless you are friends with the other player)
LandClaimExpiryTimeThe number of days a player can be offline before their claims expire and areno longer protected
LandClaimDecayModeControls how offline players land claims delay.All claims have full protection for the first 24hrs.
LandClaimOnlineDurabilityModifierHow much protected claim area block hardness is increased when a player is online.0 means infinite (no damage will ever be taken). Default 32x
LandClaimOfflineDurabilityModifierHow much protected claim area block hardness is increased when a player is online.0 means infinite (no damage will ever be taken). Default 32x
AirDropFrequencyHow often airdrop occur in game-hours 0 == never72
AirDropMarkerSets if a marker is added to map/compass for air dropsfalse
MaxSpawnedZombiesMaking this number too large (more than about 80) may cause server to run at poorframerates which will effect lag and play quality clients
MaxSpawnedAnimalsMax amount of animals to spawn50
EACEnabledEnables/Disables EasyAntiCheattrue
Modding Rust Game Servers

Rust supports Oxide modding. Oxide can be installed by copying the Rust snapshot file found here into your Rust game server directory. Oxide will need to be updated and re-downloaded every time the Rust is updated.