Mod Game Servers

Last Updated: 7/27/2019

How to Mod Game Servers

SSH/SFTP can be used to install game server modifications. We do not recommend changing or moving anything without understanding what those actions may break. Game server backups of your game servers will include the modifications that you installed for that particular game server.


Our Rust servers support Oxide/uMod modifications and can be easily modded through it.

Check out Oxide/uMod's website to see if your game is supported.

Installing Oxide/uMod:

  • Make sure your game server is in an Idle state
  • Log into your SFTP/SSH client using the credentials from your service's dashboard
  • Visit uMod and download their tools to mod your game server
  • Download uMod Plugins for the game your wish to modify
  • Transfer the uMod plugins into the correct directories following the directions on their website
  • Start your game server from's dashboard

If you brick your game server, you can always change your hosted game to factory reset your server.

Minecraft Modifications

MineCraft modifications can easily be installed. Visit the MineCraft wiki page for more information on how you can install mods onto your MineCraft game server.