Last Updated: 7/27/2019

F.A.Q - Frequency Asked Questions

What makes RentaServer different from other game server providers?
We have a vision for the gaming industry and are aiming not only to compete, but to also change and make the industry better. We love to take the initiative for new strategies and services for the gaming industry. Feel free to contact us if you have an idea that you want us to try out!
What do you mean by bullshit free?
When we claim that we are a bullshit free company we are saying that we do not try to oversell our services. There are no hidden fees and no unfair practices like CPU priority or co-branding. Resources are reserved and dedicated per server exactly as advertised. Our interests are in our customers and creating a unique experience. We try our best to provide documentation and explanations as necessary for any and all services we provide.
Why are your game servers not sold per player slots?
We believe that every game server we sell should be allocated identical amounts of resources. Instead of setting a model based off of pricing per slot we offer servers with a dedicated amount of resources similar to every other computing industry. This also allows us to guarantee a high degree of quality.
What do you mean by unlimited player slots?
You are free to choose between one and the maximum amount of players allowed by the game server you're hosting. The maximum amount of players supported by a game is not something we can change. The number of players your game server will be able to host without lowered performance will still be limited by the resources of your service. As game developers update their servers the amount of players able to be supported by the same amount of resources will vary.
Can I purchase additional RAM for my server or upgrade my service at a later point?
Unfortunately we currently do not offer such a feature. We are working towards having service migration capabilities. We recommend, downloading your server's files and creating a new service at present.
What will RentaServer.io do in the case of a DDoS attack?
When a service on our network is DDoSed our normal procedure is to nullroute the IP address being DDoSed in order to protect our network. If your service is repetitively being targeted for DDoS attacks, please reach out to our customer support staff and a customized solution will be provided.
Does RentaServer have plans for expanding to more locations?
We have plans to expand to other locations and plans to add more servers to our existing server locations.
Will you be adding more games and if so when?
We plan on adding new games as time progresses. Feel free to let us know if there is a game server you absolutely want to see on our supported games list.
When will Windows servers be supported?
We are testing Windows servers but we do not have a release date ready yet.