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  • Build a Minecraft service immediately without any extra hassle. Enjoy low latency servers all around the world with one of the fastest network backbones. If you have an existing VPS or dedicated server provider, attach your host to our platform and manage it through our control panel with no extra charge.

  • Create an unlimited amount of Minecraft server instances within your service. Use as much of your service's provided resources as is available! Available Minecraft types include Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock. Available instance types include Vanilla, Forge, Sponge, SpongeForge, and Spigot.

  • Customize your Minecraft instance easily and add your favorite mods and plugins to it with a few simple clicks. Join our modding community and vote for your favorite mods! Fine tune your mod and plugin customizations with our file manager.

  • Configure your service effortlessly with the comfort of your web browser. Advanced SSH/SFTP access can be found within our service manager for advanced users.

  • Easily manage your Minecraft instance through our control panel manager. It was designed for easy and robust access to essential tools. Keep track of your service's performance with performance graphing. Identify service peak hours and resource bottlenecks.

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