• Overclocked Control

    Providing fast and stable servers with flexible management tools is our quest. We believe that simple but fully equipped and easy to use control panels for our servers are the essence to the survival of the onslaught zombie hordes, rare dinosaurs, unknown packet loss monsters, and crazy humans.

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Location Hostname Latency
USA Los Angeles, California
USA Dallas, Texas
USA Chicago, Illinois
USA Buffalo, New York

Servers located closer to your local network will generally return a lower ping

Pinging the hostname from your computer's ping utility will give faster and more accurate results

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  • Dedicated Hardware

    Our game servers are hosted on dedicated hardware and designed with speed and reliability in mind.
    Services are built on a fast and stable network infrastructure.

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  • Guides & Tutorials

    We love good documentation and welcome the community to help curate our public guides and tutorials. They have everything you need to get started.

  • Control Panel

    Enjoy easy to manage access to all of your services with our control panel. You are free to change the game server you are hosting with us at anytime!

  • Player Slots

    Host an unlimited amount of player slots on your game server.
    Configure your server to have as many player slots as your dedicated host can handle.

  • 99.9% Uptime

    We believe servers should always be online but problems occasionally do happen. We promise that we will try to solve issues fixable on our end ASAP.

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