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  • UK
  • United Kingdom, Northern Europe
  • uk-europe.st.rentaserver.io
  • -
  • Test Latency
  • Canada
  • Ontario, Canada
  • ontario-canada.st.rentaserver.io
  • -
  • Test Latency
  • Germany
  • Germany, Central Europe
  • germany-europe.st.rentaserver.io
  • -
  • Test Latency
  • Germany
  • Japan, North-Eastern Asia
  • japan-asia.st.rentaserver.io
  • -
  • Test Latency
  • Germany
  • Singapore, Southern Asia
  • singapore-asia.st.rentaserver.io
  • -
  • Test Latency
  • Singapore
  • Australia, Oceania
  • australia-central-oceania.st.rentaserver.io
  • -
  • Test Latency
  • Singapore
  • India, South-Western Asia
  • india-south-western-asia.st.rentaserver.io
  • -
  • Test Latency

Servers located closer to your local network will generally return a lower latency

Pinging the hostname from your computer's ping utility will give faster and more accurate results

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  • Dedicated Hardware

    Built on fast and stable network infrastructures. Services are hosted on dedicated hardware designed with speed and reliability in mind

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    We love documentation and encourage community additions to our guides and tutorials. They have everything you need to get started

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    Enjoy easy access to your services with our control panel. Add new instances to your services at any time free of charge!

  • Stability

    Host dedicated solutions on our platform for maximum stability. Ensure your organization's operational success.

  • 99.9% Uptime

    Servers should always be online but problems occasionally do happen. We guarantee a 99.9% server uptime.


  • Unlike any other game server hosting company I have hosted with. They have an extremely clean interface.

  • These guys helped me build an awesome server to stream on. Highly recommended!

  • Love the ability to create multiple Instances for different Minecraft worlds.